GF White Chocolate Peppermint Dipped Pretzels

This gluten free white chocolate peppermint pretzels recipe is so easy to make and an absolutely delicious treat.  This is one of those fun holiday treats that you can enjoy making in the kitchen with your kids or loved ones. It’s always a win in my book when no baking is required! These pretzel treats are an easy and affordable way to give a heartfelt gift to your friends and loved ones during the holiday season.  My friends and family love this sweet and salty treat – it’s the perfect sweet and salty flavor combo!

Sweet and Thoughtful Gift

My kids have so much fun joining me in the kitchen to make these white chocolate pretzels for teachers, friends and neighbors during the holiday season. We all enjoy crafting these favorite Christmas treats together. The best news is that these don’t take a lot of time to make, but it’s just a delicious recipe that always turns out great. These chocolate-covered pretzels are one of my favorite things to gift every Christmas. It’s such an easy crowd-pleasing recipe!

Getting the kids involved and letting them decorate the sparkling white chocolate pretzels makes for special memories and holiday magic. And the end result is a festive, holiday-themed treat that recipients thoroughly enjoy due to the irresistible sweet and salty pretzel flavor combo. This recipe always spreads so much seasonal joy while coming together in just minutes. We love spending quality time crafting these in the kitchen before packaging them up for teachers, friends and family to enjoy!

Other Holiday Options

While we love the white chocolate and peppermint combo for Christmas, that white and red color scheme is perfect for Valentine’s too. But you don’t have to stick to just crushed peppermint. You can mix it up and do red and green sprinkles for Christmas, pink and red for Valentine’s Day, or red, white and blue for the 4th of July. The options are limitless to customize this easy-to-make treat for any holiday!

Storage Tips

Before storing the pretzels, let them completely set on the parchment paper-lined baking sheets until the chocolate hardens, about 20 minutes. Once hardened, gently peel the pretzels off the parchment paper and place them in a single layer separated by pieces of parchment paper squares to prevent them from sticking together. Store these parchment paper-separated pretzels in a plastic bag or airtight container, squeezing out excess air before sealing to prevent moisture from compromising the crisp chocolate shells. The chocolate will keep the pretzels fresh for up to 1 week as long as they remain in an airtight environment.

For longer storage, consider freezing the layered, parchment paper-separated pretzels in a freezer bag or freezer-safe sealed container for up to 3 months. Be sure to squeeze out excess air before sealing and freezing. When ready to enjoy, let thaw completely to room temperature before serving for maximum texture and flavor. Follow these tips for crispy, delicious white chocolate peppermint pretzels.

sheet of pretzels
white chocolate dipped pretzels

What You Need to Make These Dipped Pretzels

  • Gluten free pretzels twists – My favorite gluten free pretzel brands are Snyder’s and Glutino.  However, there are a variety of gluten-free and grain-free mini pretzels that will work in this recipe.  You could even mix things up and instead use gluten-free pretzel rods.  
  • Candy canes – I recommend used Yum Earth brand candy canes as these are dye-free.  If it’s important to your family to use dye-free candy canes, you can also usually find dye-free candy canes at Whole Foods, Sprouts and Trader Joe’s during the Christmas season.
  • White chocolate chips -White chocolate is the best chocolate for this recipe in my opinion and offers a milder sweet profile that mellows the salt of pretzels while allowing mix-ins like crushed candy canes or peppermint extract to shine. However, you can use any kind of chocolate for your chocolate pretzels.  Enjoy Life recently released their dairy-free white chocolate chips that are also free from the top 14 allergens.  While my personal favorite is still white chocolate, semisweet chocolate or dark chocolate chips make excellent substitutions.  You just want to use the best quality chocolate available for the best end results.
  • Coconut oil – Because this recipe is using chocolate chips instead of almond bark or white candy melts, I always like to add in a little bit of coconut oil to help everything melt smoothly.  Some similar recipes might call for little shortening, but we use coconut oil for a cleaner ingredient option. Avocado oil can be used too.

Alternate Toppings

My favorite topping is always going to be using crushed candy canes or peppermints – I just love that combo of salty and sweet in this holiday-themed treat! However, you can get as creative with the toppings as you’d like. Crushed nuts like pecans or walnuts make for delicious mix of textures. Mini marshmallows on top provide an extra fluffy element. Sprinkles, crushed cookies or graham crackers also make excellent crunchy mix-ins with the hardened white chocolate. Get festive with red and green sugar crystals or go completely over-the-top with a drizzled melted dark chocolate topping for extra richness! 

The great thing about this recipe is you can customize it to suit any flavor preferences. Play with mixes like peppermint extract and candy cane crumbs, peanut butter chips combined with butterscotch chips, or you could even add a fall twist with spices like cinnamon, pumpkin spice, and maple. Flaky sea salt also makes for delightful salty-sweet contrast. Swap out the traditional peppermint candy cane topping with your own favorite crunchy or chocolate add-ins. Drizzle creatively with dark chocolate and then sprinkle with toffee bits. The options are endless for designing a gourmet, artisanal version of this white chocolate pretzel recipe! Make this salty-sweet holiday snack truly your own with delightful textures and flavors in every tasty bite. 

How to Make White Chocolate Pretzels

Set up a double boiler using a heat-proof bowl to gently melt white chocolate and coconut oil, stirring constantly with a rubber spatula to encourage smooth flow without seizing or scorching. The steam’s gentle heat brings out delicate oils for ideal dipping consistency. Overheating risks clumping and graininess.  I aim to remove from heat when the chocolate chips are almost melted.  The already hot white chocolate will continue to melt the chocolate chips.  You can also melt the chocolates in a medium microwave-safe bowl instead of the double boiler method. 

Once fully melted and the texture is nice and silky, immediately remove white chocolate from heat. Working quickly while the melted chocolate is the perfect consistency, line cookie sheets with parchment paper. Place mini twists nearby for an efficient workstation.

Gently dip each pretzel halfway into the melted chocolate, letting excess drip off before placing onto the baking sheet. Immediately sprinkle crushed candy canes or holiday sprinkles for festive crunch and eye appeal.

Stir melted chocolate frequently, maintaining ideal dipping consistency. If it thickens, briefly rewarm over steam, adding just a little bit of oil if needed.

Allow chocolate to fully set 20 minutes before stacking or packaging, placing parchment paper in between to prevent sticking. Use the refrigerator or freezer to speed up the process.

These homemade treats shine as edible gifts that are made with love. Wrap beautifully packaged white chocolate peppermint pretzels to express gratitude for mail carriers, visiting relatives or really, anyone you want to love on this holiday season!

white chocolate pretzels

GF White Chocolate Peppermint Dipped Pretzels

Indulge in this sweet and salty treat! Such an easy holiday treat that you can adapt for different occasions.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Setting Time 30 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine American


  • 1 bag gluten free pretzel twists
  • 1 cup of crushed candy canes
  • 1-12 oz bag of white chocolate chips
  • 1 TBS coconut oil
  • baking sheet and parchment paper


  • Unwrap candy canes and place in a food processor. Pulse until coarse crumbs are formed. Alternatively, place candy canes in a plastic bag and crush with a rolling pin.
  • Set up your assembly station: crushed candy canes, pretzels, parchment paper lined baking sheet and a place for the melted white chocolate.
  • Melt chocolate and coconut oil: using a double boiler over medium heat, melt white chocolate and coconut oil. Stir frequently to prevent burning. Once all of the chips have melted, remove from heat immediately.
  • Assemble: Pick up a pretzel twist by the corner and dip into the white chocolate. Shake off excess white chocolate. Transfer to the crushed candy canes, be sure to coat both sides. Transfer to the cookie trays lined with parchment paper. Be sure that the pretzels do not touch, as this will cause them to stick together. Continue until all of the white chocolate is gone!
  • Once finished, transfer to the refrigerator to set (about 30 minutes).


Makes approximately 80 pretzels.  The number of pretzels will vary based on how thickly the pretzels are coated with white chocolate.
The pretzels will not get fully covered using this method.  Alternatively, you can fully submerge the pretzel in the melted white chocolate and use a fork to remove and transfer to the peppermint.  However, this is more time intensive, a bit messier and result in fewer chocolate covered pretzels.  Plus, I love how the little bit of uncovered pretzel peaks out.
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